Bane and the Birth
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Scarlet chattered in annoyance at him for being moved but Bane didn’t like the thought of leaving her alone in the room for too long. She was too close to laying her eggs and too big to make it into the Breeding Box alone if he left her sitting on the table. She had also gotten heavy enough his arm started to get sore as he carted her around in the crook of it.

Even so, Bane bent his left arm at the elbow against his body with Scarlet hanging onto his forearm. She settled easily enough and wrapped her front paws around his wrist and her tail around his bicep for balance. Bane could feel the warmth of her along his entire forearm and the heat gathered strong on her protruding belly now full of eggs.

Bane slung his backpack over his right shoulder and off they went to meet up with Si...

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Table of Contents

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