Dawn and the Elements
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Dawn was glad she had started getting up early in the morning on the weekends but even so, being up for five-thirty so she could eat breakfast with Sig and Ivy was a little insane. Dawn didn’t complain. Ivy needing to be protected while she worked was Dawn’s fault. If Dawn didn’t have An Tine-lann then Ivy could go to work without having to worry about anyone attacking her.

Dawn didn’t like how she wouldn’t be able to go for a jog. She could still do some stretches, push-ups, and the basic routine Sig had shown her but Dawn didn’t want to leave Ivy and Ester alone to go take a jog then a shower. Her entire schedule had been switched up but Dawn kept to the modification.

She would get up forty-five minutes earlier every morning to go out for her morning...

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Table of Contents

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