Sig and the Save
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Bane and Selina had taken everyone’s rings back Sunday before filling them with the Draught of Dreamless Sleep. Sig had said nothing when he put his back onto his thumb and Bane cast a spell over it which made the ring disappear. Both Bane and Selina had gone straight to bed after dinner and had still been difficult to wake up Monday morning.

Sig kept his mouth shut about how Selina had spent the weekend sleeping in Bane’s bed with him. Sig knew nothing had happened since the two had been too exhausted by the time they got around to sleeping. Selina hadn’t even changed her clothes until Monday morning when Sig lifted her out of bed then placed her on her feet on the floor so she could shuffle off to her room to shower.

Bane had slept the weekend with his pants on which Sig...

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Table of Contents

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