Ivy and the Prince
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Ivy stood in the threshold of the doorway to her room and stared at the scene in front of her. It was a little after five in the morning yet Bane and Selina sat at the table as if it was much later. They hadn’t changed and Ivy knew they hadn’t slept last night.

Yesterday’s lunch discussion hadn’t been encouraging or fun in any way. No one had been able to finish anything having to do with essays as Bane and Selina spent all afternoon in the lab. Ivy had wanted to check on them but decided it best not to disturb the two while they worked on the potions.

They had come out to eat dinner Ester and Eden helped Ivy prepare then gone back into the lab. Scarlet had tried to follow but with her big pregnant belly she couldn’t get lift off from the table. Bane came o...

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Table of Contents

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