Arvan and the Gray Mage Choices
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Arvan had left the room with Havoc at half past eight this morning while Vera walked in to talk with Eden. Arvan had met up with Salem and they headed to the park with their canines to meet Chadum and Markum in the park. Salem didn’t look enthused since his career path was set but he wasn’t outright angry like last time.

Havoc and Bredon led the way, knowing today meant a full morning of hunting and playing. They pulled towards the forest but Arvan didn’t stop Havoc like Salem didn’t stop Bredon. Arvan spotted the other two Gray Mages in the distance, holding hands, and holding the leashes of more canines.

Chadum had a golden retriever while Markum had a collie. Arvan was staring to think canines being familiars for Gray Mages had to be a trait. Chadum must have felt them coming s...

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Table of Contents

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