Eden and the Morning
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Eden stared at the numbers on her clock and let out a long breath. Five in the morning. She had four and a half hours until she had to leave the room with her friends to get to Astronomy. No alarm had woken her since she hadn’t set it until six but Eden found the more she came into her magic the earlier she would wake up.

Vera had told her the same thing happened to every Light Mage in second year. By third year her body would attune to waking up at a better time in the morning and she would need to set an alarm again. Vera had also told her no Light Mage slept past seven in the morning even if they had been up until one or later.

Eden rolled onto her back then sat up in bed. Harmonia lifted her head off the pillow, meowed while yawning then put her head back down. Eden...

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Table of Contents

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