Dawn and the Ice
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It had been Eden who ventured into Ivy’s room late Sunday night and found out Lyo Van Helgrove had appeared in front of Ivy and Cedonia which caused a fight between the two girls. Cedonia had stormed off feeling like Ivy didn’t trust her. Cedonia had brought up a good point. If Ivy didn’t talk to Cedonia about Lyo, what else would Ivy keep secret?

Dawn knew another huge secret Ivy had to keep from Cedonia or any girl she dated. An Tine-lann could never be talked about outside their circle of friends which Keat had made clear was all ready too big. Dawn hated being the cause of a rift in anyone’s relationship especially when she found out Ivy hadn’t told Cedonia about Lyo since An Tine-lann and Lyo’s refusal to help with it might eventually come up.

Dawn felt hor...

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Table of Contents

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