Ivy and the Introduction
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Ivy pulled her first cart for the day across the floor towards the proper shelf. Five after six in the morning and she had started work on a Sunday. Ivy knew she didn’t have to work so hard, not with Lyo’s gifts but she felt bad using the earrings alone to keep her in school and supplied. She had sold the other pair and made 1500 gold off them, bringing her to 3500 gold coins.

The number meant six years of tuition plus an extra hundred gold coins per year to buy supplies and food. Technically she didn’t have to work as many hours as she did but she didn’t care. She liked working because it meant she got to talk to Lyo and because it was also good to be able to make her own money for spending or tuition.

If something happened to Lyo where he couldn’t give...

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Table of Contents

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