Bane and the Pregnant Dragon
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Bane stared at Scarlet all curled up in her cramped nest. He studied the way her scales shined in the over-head light, the way she breathed lightly, and how he couldn’t make out her face too well because of how tightly she had to curl into the nest. Bane had figured she would have made a nest by now but she hadn’t.

She also acted too protective over her nest and if she kept growing like he knew she would, she wouldn’t fit in it. Bane ran a hand through his hair and frowned. He wasn’t so much worried about her nesting habits. Eventually the nest would break under the pressure of her being over big for it and they would make a new one.

She hadn’t tugged on his earring this morning to wake him up.

Normally he wouldn’t get to stay in bed past nine i...

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Table of Contents

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