Arvan and the Repair
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It had been ten days and Arvan had enough. Salem kept sulking in his room, not even talking to his Roommates about anything which made Arvan feel like crap. Arvan could think about how to get Salem back with An Tine-lann free to be at the back of his mind again. It was why Arvan had practically run out of Levitations a few minutes ago.

He knew Salem had a spare the same time as him and the others so waited by the front doors of the school to see their group coming. He waited outside of course and off to a side so Salem wouldn’t see him right away. Arvan felt like an idiot for doing it but it had to be done.

Arvan caught sight of Ester and Silvia before he spotted Salem, both for their height and Ester because she always stood out among the other girls. Selina walked near Bane...

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