Dawn and the Sword
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Dawn hated to admit feeling better knowing Havoc had spent the night in the common room. Havoc had become tall and wild-looking enough to make anyone back off. Once Havoc smelled someone he didn’t know lingering in front of the door he would bark which would get rid of the intruder and wake them all up.

Dawn knew Arvan hadn’t slept well last night. It would be like her trying to sleep without Freya on her pillow which Dawn wouldn’t be able to do. Dawn had a feeling Arvan had gone to lie with Havoc but didn’t say a word about it. She settled into her spot on the couch to start working on the write up for the planet they had learned about moments ago in Astronomy. Dawn glanced over to see Bane all ready reading a book called Advanced Traps and Potions to Subdue.<...

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Table of Contents

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