Arvan and the Crash
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Ivy had taken off on them right after Levitations but come back looking more relaxed than Arvan thought possible. She had explained she needed some alone time and Arvan hadn’t questioned it. The alone time had made her less nervous which made her do well in Levitations. After last night’s problem with the Riverwoods, they could all use something to calm their nerves, Dawn especially.

Arvan kept his mouth shut as Dawn kept clenching and unclenching her fists and glaring at the ground. Dawn had been aggressive with the tea pot today, bashing it against Bane’s or losing control over it enough it slammed into her desk. Thankfully the pot had been made of plastic or she would’ve broken a ton of them like Ivy had with tea cups.

Eden hadn’t been concentrating like normal either nor h...

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Table of Contents

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