Sig and the Summon
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Sig led the others down nine flights towards their final class of the day. Summoning in room 201 and they would be in the Dorms by ten-thirty. Sig hoped to be asleep by eleven to wake up for their early morning Levitations class tomorrow. During the spare he could work on his Centering Objects essay in the Dorm. After Light Magic, he would have the essay for Centering Objects ready to be typed.

His Magical History essay was all ready printed and ready to go thanks to having both huge spares on Monday to work on it. Sig had never though he would get so quick at writing essays but had Bane to thank for it. Sig strode into Summoning with his friends and settled at his desk. Instantly Bane brought out his coloring book and markers and went to it.

Sig saw Professor Wythers smile at Bane who h...

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