Eden and the Mate
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Papers were spread across the kitchen table from one end to the other and Eden couldn’t help but stare. Bane had come back from the Village with Selina at two then went about emptying a massive accordion folder on their kitchen table. Occasionally a piece of paper wouldn’t even make it to the table as Scarlet would rip it out of Bane’s hand then claw it to bits or start to burn it.

They all watched Bane for several minutes until he had covered the massive table. Eden looked to her friends to see them all distracted by whatever in the world Bane was doing. Sig and Ivy were supposed to be finishing off their essays. Dawn had been looking over their old Ancient Runes notes while Arvan studied a career guide for Gray Mages.

“What is all that?” Eden asked.

“Potential m...

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Table of Contents

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