Bane and the Heat
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Something snarled in his ear and Bane opened one eye a crack to see Scarlet glaring down at him. He blinked at his dragon as she kept growling, loudly, and smoke started steaming out her nose. Her claws dug into his pillow, making little rips in it and her fangs were showing. Bane noticed her wings were extended so far the tips were trembling in rage.

“Well shit,” Bane muttered.

He rolled onto his back and sat up. Scarlet kept up her angry sounds and her amber eyes followed his movement. Her tail was completely stiff, lifted upwards slightly and her lower body was raised in the air to alleviate the pain in her groin area. Her rear legs were stiff, so straight her knees had locked.

Bane slipped out of bed, pulled on a pair of jogging pants then began to clear out h...

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Table of Contents

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