Arvan and the Social Life
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Arvan let out a breath and tried not to look at Bane and Selina. They lied out on the couch directly across from him so it was hard. Bane held a book above his head while Selina lay with her back against Bane’s chest, her hands on Bane’s wrists, their legs intertwined as they read the book together. Scarlet rested on Selina’s stomach with Igor and both familiars napped peacefully curled close to each other.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Ivy hadn’t gone out on a date with Cedonia for dinner. Sig had left with Toby shortly after Ivy. Silvia had taken off to go work out with Galeia and Nadine, Ester talked with Dawn about Elements while Vera talked with Eden about Light Magic.

Worse still was Salem had a date with a girl in one of his classes. Arvan felt completel...

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Table of Contents

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