Ivy and the Conversation
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Ivy sighed as she put another book away. Eight in the morning on a Tuesday and she had been working an hour and been up for two. She would make it so she left the Book Floor at nine-thirty which would give her enough time to get to Centering Objects and put two and a half hours on her weekly paycheck before the weekend.

Ivy would still get up at five on Saturday and Sunday and be at work for six-thirty then work until noon. She needed as much coinage as she could get. Ivy wished she had a dragon as a familiar. Scarlet could become Bane’s money-maker with one hatch paying three full years of tuition.

Ivy shook her head. Maintaining Scarlet would cost a year’s tuition alone. Bane needed fifteen hundred gold coins a year to take care of Scarlet, buy his school supplies, and pay...

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