Eden and the Healing
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Eden glanced down at the time on her computer screen and frowned. Sig should be due back soon. Midnight was closing in and the last bus to Avalora left at midnight exactly. She hadn’t expected him to stay out so late but staying up waiting for him meant she would finish all her essays.

“Wow they’re having a long date,” Salem said.

“It’s an hour from here to the Village,” Arvan said.

They all knew the bus ride took a while. Eden had thought Sig would want to be home by now so he would be able to get a work-out in before scrambling to finish essays. Even if he didn’t plan to work out, Sig would want to be up early so he could get everything done. This wasn’t like him.

Eden noticed Bane frowning from his position on the couc...

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Table of Contents

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