Sig and the First Date
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Sig jolted when someone punched him. He glanced down to see Dogam giving him a confused look and Sig tried to remember what he was supposed to be doing. Right. Calf extensions on the machine. Sig let out a breath and adjusted the weight on the machine.

“You’re distracted,” Tog mentioned.

“Yeah,” Sig muttered.

He saw the three other warriors exchange a look. Sig continued his set even though the three were watching him. Sig couldn’t help being distracted. Later today he would be meeting Toby in the lobby of Avalora to go on his first date.

He couldn’t tell his work-out partners this.

They were getting used to the fact he liked guys and had been back to working out with him for less than a month. If he told them why he wasn’t paying a...

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Table of Contents

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