Dawn and the Rumors
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The Slime Sisters weren’t alone in being strange colored. Rohan and one of her other male cousins were bright pink thanks to Bane. Dawn still thought about the night they found both Riverwoods in their room asleep from trying to find and take An Tine-lann. The thought made her terrified and infuriated.

The spell over the doorway to every room and the Room itself definitely helped. Bane reinforced all of them yesterday, the day after his birthday and Dawn tried not to think about what would happen if Bane decided to move out with Selina. He wouldn’t because of Dawn and An Tine-lann.

This made Dawn feel like crap. Bane shouldn’t have to put his life on hold because of her issues. She couldn’t protect her sword like Bane could, not yet. Maybe she could get him to teach her some...

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Table of Contents

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