Bane and the Question
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The source of light in the room came from the black or red candles lit with Mage fire on every flat surface. A massive bed dominated the room, covered in red and black bedding while the walls were dark red. Bane stood at the door of the room and couldn’t help grinning. He didn’t care much about the rest of the decor (his brain did tell him it was romantically Gothic) since Selina stood at the foot of the bed.

She wore a red robe which went past her groin by maybe two inches. The sleeves of the robe hung off her shoulders to expose her collarbones and the tops of her breasts. She did hold the knot of the robe in both hands, ready to untie it. Her long hair hung completely behind her and her lips were painted red.

She didn’t wear heels on her feet and the light skin...

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Table of Contents

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