Ivy and the Date
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Ivy kept nibbling on her lip as Eden fixed her hair. Ivy still had no idea how Eden could tame the wild mass on Ivy’s head but thanked everything for Eden. Ivy was starting to like wearing her hair down since it looked so awesome but had no idea how to copy what Eden did.

Dawn stood off to a side in the room, watching while Eden did Ivy’s hair. Ivy said nothing as Dawn kept a neutral look on her face. Ivy would be seeing Cedonia tonight. Ivy couldn’t help being extra happy since Sig would be going out with Toby and next weekend Bane and Selina would be alone to talk for an entire afternoon.

Besides An Tine-lann, this year was shaping up to be amazing. The essays weren’t as hard since most of their classes were practical based and Ivy felt as if she was finally getting a...

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