Sig and the Former Friends
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Sig walked onto the Sports Floor and headed towards the locker room. It had been two weeks since he and Bane talked about their love lives but neither had asked out their crush. Sig knew it came from worrying about An Tine-lann. Eden and Arvan finding out their mothers were pregnant with new heirs didn’t help either.

Bane kept a closer eye on the two and Sig tried as well. It would suck for Eden to lock herself in her Room again and Arvan to get depressed over something they couldn’t help. Sig wouldn’t blame them, really, but missing a class this term would be way worse than it had been last term.

The year flew by and Sig couldn’t believe he had served a month of detention all ready. Even crazier, Bane’s birthday would be in six days. Sig hadn’t gotten Ban...

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Table of Contents

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