Dawn and the Twins
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Another week under her belt but this one had taken some tension out of the room. Bane would ask Selina out one of these days while Sig and Toby started dating with neither of them being upset at each other. The two still talked and joked like nothing had happened between them and Dawn was glad for it.

An Tine-lann caused enough tension in the Room for all of them. Dawn always looked at Bane’s room before she left in the morning and checked on the sword after everyone else went to bed and it was her and Bane up alone. Bane said nothing when she walked into his room to touch the hilt of her sword. Her magic leaked into it little by little and eventually it would be full. Dawn had no idea how long it would take.

She entered a training room and made sure the door was shut. Try...

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Table of Contents

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