Bane and the Decision
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Sunday, glorious Sunday where he could sleep in, help Sig finish off some essays in the afternoon then hang out with Selina all night. Sunday had become his favorite day of the week without effort even though this term he had Dark Magic three days of the week. Bane sighed and glanced towards his clock.

Barely after nine in the morning and he had woken up on said wonderful Sunday. Sig would be working out, Ivy would be three hours into working, Eden and Arvan would be typing up essays while Dawn would be practicing her magic. No one expected him to come out of bed until noon but he was awake.

Scarlet slept on, making tiny little snoring sound as she did and Bane smiled at his dragon. She was used to staying up late and sleeping late the next day thanks to him but Bane didn’t let it bo...

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Table of Contents

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