Eden and the Raynharts
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Eden kept her arm wrapped in Sig’s much bigger one as they speed walked from Astronomy on the ninth floor down to driving lessons on the first floor. Another five essays to write this weekend but Eden knew she would be finished by Saturday night. Sunday night Salem, Silvia, Selina, and Ester would come over to hang out.

They would get three more Sundays after this one in the room then Bane would turn 18 in three weeks which mean they could leave the Dorms and head into the Village for an evening out. It also meant Bane would likely start leaving for the Village on the weekends to gather money for tuition, his school supplies, Scarlet’s supplies, and extra money for his mother. If he could make five hundred gold coins a weekend he would be set for a while.

She let out a breath as t...

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Table of Contents

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