Chapter Two: Apocryphal (1)
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The woman stopped to watch the sunrise as it peeked from behind the hills. The sky was so perfectly clear, cleansed by its own wind and rain from the previous night. The first morning of autumn. She couldn’t deny the chill in the air, but the day promised to be beautiful. She savored a breath, letting the crisp breeze cut through her sleepiness. It was still too early to be busying about the farm.

“Hey, Izette, hurry up! The carts will be here soon!”

Izette blinked, thrown from her quiet thoughts. “Oh…sorry. I'm coming!”

Yesterday marked the end of yet another summer at Graca Farm—a ranch that sold and shipped fruits, meats, and vegetables. Her pay was minimal, but it was more than worth it when the owner provided her housing in exchange for her work i...

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