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I won't say it was cold night

Filling my story with clichés

Trying to say I should have seen the clues

Love does not have clues.

Matters of the heart does not play out like a game

With all the right moves

With all the right rules to make you win.

No it was not a cold night

It was a warm evening

The sky in its majestic blue

And stars like diamonds peeped out at you with miniscule radiance.

There was no eerie feeling of something about to go wrong

But my eyes snapped me to reality on my detour home.

The slender frame wrapped within the coils of his arms.  

The giggle that chipped away pieces of my heart

I heard my insides break

The road became like shards of glass under my feet.

With each step my soul bled.

I became too weary to speak

He swept me off my feet now he took my breath away

And I am so lost in a twinkle everything was gone

I stood waiting for the rain

But the joke was on me and pangs of bitterness came with nothing to wash it away.

That was the day I lost my first love. 

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