And I Remembered
By R. M. Lenzi

Sharon L. Clark      1/07/19 1:45 AM

This is an amazing story! I love the characters. I love their flaws and their humanity. I love your writing style - it's not flashy and soap opera dramatic but so compelling and honest. You have done an amazing job of making the reader feel the anger and hopelessness and distance at the end of Miami. (As soon as they didn't talk about it, she didn't tell her parents, I knew things were over and it broke my heart.) There is a depth of emotion and a real truth in the relationships you describe here, Lis and her college friends, Lis and her coworkers, Lis and the different men in her life. I just reached the end of "...still processing it" and I am very tempted to finish the series tonight. I haven't been this caught up in a story since reading Outlander years ago! Thank you so much for sharing this story.

Daniel J. Flore III      8/23/16 1:21 PM

I began reading "And I Remembered"and I really like it. It's captivating, emotional writing with a strong atmosphere and tone. Looking forward to reading more!
R. M. Lenzi      8/24/16 1:55 AM
Daniel - thanks so much for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy it. Rachel :)

Suzanne Mattaboni      2/23/16 5:57 AM

Okay, I really really really really like this. There. I'm done being articulate!

Suzanne Grieco Mattaboni      2/07/16 8:41 PM

That cover photo... that's the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt, isn't it? Can't help but ask. Especially since I see references to Chatham in your bio. Brings back memories. Am liking the series so far; still at the beginning. --Suzanne
R. M. Lenzi      2/07/16 11:05 PM
Actually, it is! Took the photo around Christmas of 2014. Thanks so much for reading.

Stephanie Shivers      2/01/16 4:08 PM

OMG! What a cliffhanger!

Stephanie Albright      1/15/16 5:45 PM

Will there be more?
Stephanie Albright      1/15/16 7:30 PM
Good! I am really enjoying it!

R. M. Lenzi      1/15/16 7:26 PM
oh yes!!!

Stephanie Albright      1/14/16 4:25 PM

This is so good! I can't wait to read the rest, but I don't want it to end!
R. M. Lenzi      1/15/16 4:32 PM
Stephanie - thanks so much for your note. Along the way, if you have questions, feedback or suggestions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Carol Anne Shaw      12/05/15 4:59 AM

Just subscribed to AND I REMEMBERED and have read the first chapter. OH MY. THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD! Compelling read. :)
R. M. Lenzi      1/15/16 4:32 PM
Carol - thanks so much for your note - I apologize for not responding sooner.