PITTSBURGH: "You didn't deserve all of that"
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Before Louie’s flight back to Burlington, he took me to lunch, and as soon as I sat down in the booth of the barbecue joint, I grimaced when I heard the music on the sound system. It was Dec. 27th.

“They’re still playing Christmas carols?”

“Louie, I hate Christmas music. ‎Except for the Snoopy songs. Make them change it.”

“To AC/DC?”

I reached across the table and grabbed his arm. “No!”

We split the brisket nachos, and as I ate them, I felt the grease and cheese and shredded beef fall on my chin and onto my plate.

“Jesus, Lissy, I can't take you anywhere‎.”

“You never could.”

When I dropped Louie off at Pittsburgh International Airport for his flight back to Vermont, he...

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