CHICAGO: "Some things are only temporary"
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I kept the hockey game on, but spent the rest of the night going through my house, trying to find something that proved I had a life with him. Gordon had packed everything up and taken it away. I lost the silver ring Jamie bought me on a trip to the Keys, and I could still hear it clatter as it tumbled into a grate somewhere on Lower Michigan Avenue. I’d dismissed it at the time, but as I went through the house, I wished I’d still had it. I tore through my drawers and the plastic tubs in my closet, hoping to find a photo of him, a hockey card, something.

I found a journal I kept when I first moved to Miami. My entries had gotten shorter and fewer once Jamie and I began living together. I guessed that when I started sharing my life with someone else, my journal became secon...

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Table of Contents

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