CHICAGO: "I'll be right over, okay?"
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Things with Matt fizzled out after a few weeks, and I knew I jumped back into dating too, too soon. I had stopped swimming, because I didn’t know where a public pool was, and I had no desire to plunge into a frigid Lake Michigan. I thought a lot about the afternoons I spent at the beach in Florida, because there was something so comforting about being in the water, in the currents, being wrapped in something bigger than you and working with it, instead of fighting it. My suits hung on the knob of the bathroom door. I missed being able to feel strong after a swim.  

But a grilled cheese sandwich sent me over the edge. I was exhausted after working 12 hours, too exhausted to go back out to find something to eat, or even to get off the El and pick something up. What I wanted was a...

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