CHICAGO: "Why don't you just take down that picture?"
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Anxiety continued to keep me up at night. So did the El, but after a few weeks I found it soothing.

"Not red wine and sleeping pills?" Casey asked me one night. She called when I was tossing and turning, trying to go to sleep. “Because that’s what I would do if I left my boyfriend.”

"Sometimes that helps. Casey, where are you?"

"Bora Bora?"

"No, really.

"Atlanta. But I'll be in Kenya for three weeks starting Thursday. Research grant. Did you know there are more than 75 species of primates in Kenya? I can’t wait to get there! Are you still planing to go the wedding?"

"What wedding? In Kenya?"

"Regina's wedding. The wedding of the century? The Fontainebleau? Miami? You were supposed to ha...

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