CHICAGO: "What was it like?"
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Two weeks later, I told Lainey everything. About the pregnancy, the party-crashing, the drugs. Before I told her anything else, I started by telling her about the one time I tried cocaine. 

“But it was only because I was curious!” I told her as we sat on the floor of the living room and ate pizza. “Jamie never forced me into trying drugs. Actually, he hid them. I think he hid most of them in his car, because that’s where I usually found empty vials. And that was stupid. I mean, who would put cocaine in a red sportscar? Not like you aren’t a target already.”

“What was it like?”

“What was what like?”

“The drugs?” Lainey grabbed my arm. “Did you ever do crack? Or heroin? Did you?”

I pulled out of her gri...

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Table of Contents

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