MIAMI: "Are you scared?"
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I couldn’t call my mother in Pittsburgh and say, “Oh, hi, Mom, it’s 89 degrees and sunny in October. I’m drinking coffee on the back porch and oh, by the way, you might be a grandmother!”

So I went to Planned Parenthood, all the way out in Kendall. The moments after the doctor told me I was pregnant seemed like the longest in my life. I barely listened as she referred me to an obstetrician and I went home in a daze, shocked that this was actually happening. I had something, someone inside of me. The mere thought of it sent my mind haywire; I was so distraught that I almost got into a car accident exiting off Interstate 95. I wasn't ready for this. I wasn’t even ready to tell Jamie.

Then, I finally did, as we had dinner at his favorite restaurant. He ran h...

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