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Maybe Later

Amache's America
By Kelly Fumiko Weiss

Kerriann (Author of Waiting)       4/11/17 4:13 PM

At the end of chapter 7 I literally said out loud, 'Nooo I want to hear what he has to say!" Can't wait for chapter 8!

Kelly Fumiko Weiss (Author of Amache's America)         4/11/17 9:06 PM

Oh my goodness! That's awesome! Thanks!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying it. High praise from such a lovely writer as yourself. Yay!

Holly Tellander (Author of "Adrift")       3/22/17 4:22 AM

Just found your series and about to dive in... your cover is beautiful! Also - were practically neighbors! I'm in Madison, WI :)

Kelly Fumiko Weiss (Author of Amache's America)         3/22/17 9:33 AM

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. And yes, neighbors! I was just up in Madison last weekend as a matter of fact. Yay Midwest! :)

Kerriann (Author of Waiting)       3/04/17 11:02 AM

You definitely hooked this reader!! I am really enjoying this story and the characters. Thank you for writing this!

Kelly Fumiko Weiss (Author of Amache's America)         3/06/17 11:12 AM

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I am so glad you are enjoying it :) :)

Gary Suwannarat      2/24/17 6:44 PM

You pull your reader in really quickly. And made this one cry, as I live the mirror image of your life, a white American in a beautifully tan Asian world. Have I lost the American side of my family (no sisters; distant from my two bothers who have gone Trump full-bore) and of myself? What does that mean for my daughters? My grandson? My husband, who also navigates the in-between world of an Asian married to an American. Fortunately, he has a sense of humor: when he was assumed by a greeter several years ago to be my DRIVER when I went shoppng at a jewelry store owned by one of his econ students, he had a good laugh at his student's expense and asked how big a cut he should get for bringing the madam to her shop.

Kelly Fumiko Weiss (Author of Amache's America)         2/24/17 7:19 PM

Yes! So many moments like that across the multi-racial family spectrum. We will all just know that in the end, love wins. Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot. New chapter out on Tuesday!