Chapter 31 - Pamela (1)
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Pamela looked at her phone. Her sister was calling her again. She didn’t pick up. At some point she knew she would have to, but she wasn’t ready. Not yet. She actually felt kind of nauseous. That had been happening to her a lot lately. She even went to the doctor, worried she might be in some kind of cancer relapse, but after running a few tests the doctor assured her she wasn’t. She was just stressed. Exhausted. Her doctor recommended she consider seeing a therapist. 

Pamela almost laughed out loud at the suggestion, imagining what her mother might have said if she found out therapy was even an option. She would have told Pamela that she was weak. That strength comes from within. If that was the case, then these days, Pamela was feeling pretty hollow. 

She tried to sit...

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