Chapter 30 - Aiko
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Pamela: Let’s talk again about how you got to the camps. You said you were taken to Manzanar, but was that your first stop?

Aiko: No. Yes. We might have briefly been taken to Santa Anita.

Pamela: What’s Santa Anita?

Aiko: It was a racetrack. And they set it up as a place to go after the relocation order went into effect.

Pamela: How many people were there?

Aiko: I have no idea. Hundreds. Maybe thousands. Seemed like millions, although I know that couldn’t be true. (pause) Honestly, I’m having trouble remembering the sequence of things. You’d think I’d know how long I was in each place, but I really don’t. 

Pamela: What do you remember about it?


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