Chapter 27 - Carl (1)
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Carl smiled as he felt Angela’s nose nustle into his arm. She fell asleep almost as soon as the plane took off, immediately scooping up his arm after the wheels left the runway for her own personal pillow. He loved the feeling of her holding him, any part of him. He lightly kissed the top of her head and was surprised as he felt a sob well up in his chest. He swallowed deeply to push it back down. Where did that come from? 

Then the name Hanae popped into his head and he felt his chest swell up again. 

Their baby had a name. And her name was Hanae. Hanae Pamela. 

When they had first met, Angela wasn’t sure she even wanted to have children. It took years for Carl to even begin to understand the internal and existential angst she felt about her own existence....

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