Chapter 23 - Aiko
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Pamela: What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you in the camps?

Aiko: Scariest?

Pamela: Yeah, like was there ever anything big that happened that scared you?

Aiko: You talk like it was some kind of action movie

Pamela: Well, I mean, there were men with guns, right?

Aiko: Yes

Pamela: So... ?

Aiko: So, no. I can’t remember a big thing that scared me

Pamela: That surprises me

Aiko: Why?

Pamela: Because the whole thing is so scary!

Aiko: Yes. Well. Maybe in retrospect

Pamela: No Mom, like, in all respects 

Aiko: Well, in the moment, I was a child. I didn’t think of thin...

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