Chapter 10 - Aiko & Angela
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Pamela: (laughing) Mom, you’ve got to be kidding me

Aiko: (laughing) No, I’m dead serious. That’s actually what he was wearing!

Pamela: I cannot picture Dad in that

Aiko: What can I tell you? He was an idiot, even then

Angela stopped the tape. “We must’ve missed something,” she said as she tried to rewind it. She had never heard her Obachan call her Ojichan an idiot before. The playfulness of it made her ache as images of her Ojichan filled her mind. She couldn’t picture him in anything much more than in one of his typical Hawaiian shirts. When she saw the name Club Waikiki, she just imagined him fitting right in. What could he possibly wearing that was different?

She tried the tape recor...

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