Chapter 9 - Aiko & Angela
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Pamela: Okay, Mom. We’ve been doing this for a while, how are you holding up?

Aiko: Holding up? We’ve been talking with tea and cookies. I think I’ll be okay. 

Pamela: (laughing) Fair enough. I want you to tell me about your first days after you were released from the camps. 

Aiko: Well, much of my family was already in Chicago, so I went there. 

Pamela: How did you get there?

Aiko: We were given five dollars for a train ticket. 

Pamela: Five dollars. After being detained for four years? Did they give you anything else?

Aiko: No. We had managed to ship some things in advance, small packages, nothing big, so we just had our suitcases. 


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