Chapter 7 - Judith, Angela, & Aiko
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September 25, 1972

What a terrible day. Edward and I had the biggest fight. We were walking down the street, minding our own business, holding hands, when this nasty woman came right up to us and spat on us. Of course it was upsetting, but shit like this happens to me all the time. So I do what I always do. I took a deep breath, held my head up high, and kept walking. Edward… didn’t handle it the same way. He couldn’t believe it and flew into a rage and I had to stop him from chasing after the woman. Part of me appreciated that he could want to defend my honor (or some shit like that). The other part of me realized just how privileged he is. So I called him on it and he screamed at me. Basically told me I was a jerk for thinking he didn’t understand what r...

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