Chapter 6 - Angela & Judith
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Angela ran towards Carl and barreled into him, surprising him and knocking him off balance as he was taking off his running shoes. The smell of his sweat and the wetness of his shirt gave Angela no pause. She breathed him in and held him tight. 

“Angela, honey, what is it?” he said as he hugged her back. 

Angela stood back, her cheek slightly damp from pressing into his chest. She wiped her cheek off with her sleeve and looked up at Carl. “I have some good news.” As the words came out of her mouth she realized that she meant them, an uncontrollable smile crossing the entire width of her face. 

Carl waited for her to continue, and for just a second, she closed her eyes to savor the moment. As she opened her eyes again, she took Carl’s hands and squeezed. &l...

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