Chapter 5 - Angela & Aiko
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When she got home, Carl wasn’t there. She looked by the front door and saw his running bag on the floor. He must’ve gone out for a jog. No matter what the weather was like outside, Carl could always run. 

She made herself a sandwich and took it upstairs. Normally she didn’t like to have food in the bedroom, but she decided that this was an exception. She was pregnant and she wanted to be on her bed. There were going to be a lot of exceptions over the next nine months. Her inner anal-retentiveness would just have to get used to it. 

After she ate half of the turkey on wheat, she pulled Pamela’s box in front of her and pulled out all the tapes. She looked at the labels. They each had a main topic such as ‘school in the camps’ and each had two dates on...

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