Alaskan Sourdough Starter: A Troubled Childhood (1)
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Ruth Elizabeth Dick: A Troubled Childhood


I was born in Juneau Alaska, 1949. My parents were Richard Dick and Mary Young both were from Sitka, Alaska. When I was five, my mother passed away from cancer. The State took over because apparently my father was not capable of taking care of my four brothers and me and put us in an orphanage in Juneau, which was called the Minnifield Home.

I couldn’t understand why my mom was taken away. Why I was here. It was never explained to us. We were living in Hoonah before my mom died. My dad was gone all the time as a fisherman. When mom went to the hospital, we were taken out of the home we were raised in and all of a sudden we’re in an orphanage. It took me years to understand it was called the Minnifiel...

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