Alaskan Sourdough Starter: Way of the Wild
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Way of the Wild


Every Alaskan cheechako eventually inherits an Alaskan born mentor. It’s like an unwritten rule or natural law. It happens whether a cheechako wants one or not, or whether an Alaskan wants to be a mentor or not. Fact is, at some point, an Alaskan born resident will rescue a cheechako from themselves.

People who are born and reared in Alaska all seem to share one similar trait; they are natural born teachers. Personal theory attributes this to the fact that Alaskans are first and number one, from an early age students of, “The Natural School of the Way of the Wild” in this unforgiving wilderness.

Alaska is a beautiful pristine country, but she is also an untamed wild place where powerful forces of nature run free and are unpredictabl...

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