Alaskan Sourdough Starter, Child of Ugashik
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Nora Krake: Child of Ugashik


My name is Nora Krake and I come from Ugashik, Bristol Bay. I was born January, 30th, 1936 at home. Daddy was the midwife which was not uncommon back then. He actually delivered all five of us older kids at home. I have three brothers and six sisters, I am the oldest. We were living in the bush. We lived between Ugashik Lakes and Ugashik Village.

My dad, Michael Enright, came over from Ireland. My mom’s name was Olga Hansen and she was born in Ugashik Village. She was half Aleut and Danish. Her dad was at sea. She had no brothers or sisters; she didn’t know what her mother’s name was. She grew up in kind of a foster home until she was twenty two. My dad came up from San Francisco to fish and that’s wh...

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