Alaskan Sourdough Starter
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Bearing Food


One of the first things we noticed when we moved to Alaska was the cost of food. It was a shock, like jumping into a glacier fed stream on a warm summer day. It took us about three months before we gathered up the mental strength and will to, as New Yorkers would say, “Forget about it”. 

We arrived in Haines in April, and one thing we learned about Alaskans is they take food very seriously. I don’t mean like in a gourmet or Martha Stewart sort of way, but in a way that changed our lives to this day. Alaskan tradition requires that whenever you visit someone, you bring something to eat. I don’t mean like doughnuts or store bought potato salad or chips. I mean something you actually harvested and made. It could be picked, c...

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Table of Contents

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