By Holly Tellander

R. David Fulcher      2/18/17 10:49 PM

Hi Holly, Adrift just keeps getting better! The imagery of the island makes me feel as though I was born and raised there, but of course I wasn't! Looking forward to the next chapter, David
Holly Tellander      2/20/17 3:39 PM
Thanks again! I can't tell you how motivating it is to hear that you like the series :) Always happy for constructive feedback too - so glad you are enjoying it :)

R. David Fulcher      1/29/17 11:50 PM

Hi Holly, Great stuff! You have a gift for hooking the reader in early - Chapter 1 only and I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work! David
Holly Tellander      1/30/17 9:35 PM
Hey David - I'm loving your series as well - I'll head over there and comment next. Wanted to let you know I'd love any constructive feedback you have on any of my series - I like your style and I think you'd give great feedback! Also - thanks again for inspiring me to update "Astray" - first time I've done so since September - yikes! I just love this story, though, and the characters - so it's great to be back.

R. David Fulcher      1/30/17 7:24 PM
Hi Holly, You've inspired me also, and I look forward to the sequel. Thanks for writing back and for reading my series! David

Holly Tellander      1/30/17 7:21 AM
Wow, thanks David! That is such a wonderful thing to hear. I've been meaning to get back in board with the sequel - you've inspired me! Keep in touch!

Anna Arkiss      11/27/16 10:10 PM

Hey Holly, I just wanted to tell you I LOVED 'Adrift'. You have an amazing gift for allowing the reader to get inside the characters' heads. Subscribing to book 2 today. can,t wait to read more of Lucy's adventures. Cheers Anna
Holly Tellander      11/27/16 10:18 PM
Hey THANKS!!! I haven't been updating book to as often as I should because it hasn't had any subscribers. I will get right on that! I will get a new chapter of this week :-) I think there are six up already :-) I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Stephanie Albright      3/07/16 7:01 PM

Please tell me there is more!
Holly Tellander      8/16/16 11:54 AM
Second book is up and I'm getting a few chapters in a week - on a roll!

Holly Tellander      4/30/16 9:36 PM
I've been working on the second book - thanks For the kick in the butt to get it up on Channillo!

Stephanie Albright      2/20/16 6:25 PM

I am really enjoying your work!

Kara Monterey      7/15/15 1:25 AM

Holly, I was wondering why you chose Mackinac Island, Michigan as the setting for this story?
Holly Tellander      7/20/15 3:33 PM
Kara - pretty soon you will see why! I think the next chapter or two should answer your question :) However, there is a lot of time travel associated with the island - which is a pretty mystical place... and in particular there is a Native American legend which first formed my idea for this story... Have you been there? It's one of my favorite places to be...

Holly Tellander      6/15/15 4:02 AM

HI everyone! Lucy is getting deeper and deeper in the soup and I would love to talk with anyone about your thoughts about her story! Happy writing, all!